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Tour 3 of New Orleans best breweries with New Orleans Brewery Tours!


Our 3 hour tour offers complimentary hotel pickup and drop off in top of the line vehicles. At each brewery guests receive multiple samples of beer, behind the scenes access to the brewing floors, and detailed information on the history and process of brewing beer in New Orleans. 

$79 Per Adult - 3 hour tour - Hotel Pickups starting at 4pm daily (5:30pm on Sundays)


Courtyard Full Logo.png

Courtyard Brewing

Our first stop is Courtyard Brewery, a Nano Brewery that utilizes a three-barrel brewing system. They brew approximately 100-150 barrels per year, as compared to the thousands produced annually by larger microbreweries. Courtyard doesn’t offer flagship beers, instead they feature a wide and ever-changing variety of beers.


NOLA Brewing Company

The final stop of the day is at New Orleans largest brewery, NOLA Brewing. Founded in 2009 by Kirk Coco, NOLA Brewing was the first commercial brewery to operate within the city of New Orleans following the closure of the Dixie Brewing Company facility after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

At NOLA, they literally hand us the key to the brewery, where you will get a behind the scenes on the brewery floor!

NOLA Brewing Company beers are currently served in bars throughout the Southeast United States, and available in grocery stores throughout Louisiana. NOLA Brewing Company currently brews 9 beers year round, and offers a wide variety of seasonal options.


Urban South Brewery

Up next is Urban South Brewery, which features a brewing system that was designed to combine the heritage of European beer making with the brashness of new American styles. Located in a converted warehouse in the Irish Channel, this microbrewery currently brews 5 beers year round and offers a variety of seasonal options.

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